Sustaining Strong Governance 

It’s not just what we do that matters, but how we do it. Good governance is the foundation of Diversey’s business and critical to our growth and success. Our corporate governance structure, risk management and compliance practices and security protocols reflect our ongoing commitment to responsible conduct and transparency.

Nominating and Governance Committee
  • Develop and recommend best practices and corporate governance principles to our Board of Directors
  • Monitor significant ESG trends and Board and committee oversight of relevant ESG issues
  • Oversee political and charitable contributions
  • Conduct shareholder outreach efforts on ESG issues


Sustainability Governance Transparency

Engagement and collaboration define how we approach sustainability at Diversey. Sustainability is not one person’s job or a standalone activity; it is integrated into our business model and into the performance of every team member and business unit across our global operations.


Ethics and Compliance

To achieve our mission to develop leading hygiene, infection prevention and cleaning solutions that protect and care for people and the planet, we must always operate with integrity and responsibility.


Goal: Achieving 100% compliance with our Responsible Chemistry Policy

A deep consideration for human health and the environment is built into the design and development of all Diversey products. We apply green chemistry principles to our product development, which encourages us to reduce chemicals at the source; minimize safety risks to our employees, customers and the communities where we operate; and ultimately develop the safe, sustainable products our customers want.

Diversey also maintains a Responsible Chemistry List (RCL) to further guide us toward safer chemicals and manage risks associated with chemicals in Diversey products. The RCL sets restrictions on chemicals with environmental, health, safety or regulatory concerns and applies to all raw materials, ingredients, and components in Diversey products.

Responsible Chemistry


An important part of our approach to effective governance is to formalize our approach to integrating sustainability in our innovation process. Sustainability is a powerful lens for innovation and Diversey uses a detailed scorecard to fully consider all the sustainability opportunities. 


Diversey’s sustainability scorecard has three technology platforms: chemicals, packaging, and equipment. Across each of these platforms, there are criteria to identify opportunities to enhance the sustainability performance of a new product by looking at each stage of the product life cycle. In each of the platforms, there are five life cycle categories: raw materials, manufacturing, distribution and storage, product use, and end of life. For each technology platform, there are up to 25 individual criteria, such as compliance with our Responsible Chemistry Policy, renewable material content, efficient manufacturing, reduced water use at customer site and recyclability.


The scorecard has the technical framework to help uncover ways to integrate additional sustainability attributes in the project. However, the real strength of the approach is to facilitate a discussion between R&D, Marketing, and Sustainability that occurs early in the process. By stimulating multi-disciplinary brainstorming during the initial part of the innovation funnel, we avoid having sustainability becoming an ‘after the fact’ consideration that is only done just prior to product launch.

25 Criteria for Sustainability